"I got my life back"

Thanks NerveRestore I got my life back.

Robert - Harrisburg, PA

Results Vary. Neuropathy has many causes and not everyone will see results using NerveRestore. All of our testimonials are from real customers who saw real results but your results can vary greatly depending on many factors.

"The Staff was very knowlegeable"

I love this cream. It has helped me in so many ways! After seeing doctors, Chiropractors, and neurologists I didn't know where to turn. I came across NerveRestore and decided to give it a try. The staff was very knowlegable and knew exactly what was going on and helped me in the right direction. I have only been on the product for a few weeks and keep improving. I hope it continues to progress!

J. Monte -  Trenton, NJ

"I'm off Lyrica"

I can't believe something as simple as a cream has had such a dramatic effect on my life. I was very skeptical taking and trying so many things from injections to meds.

I've had nerve damage for almost 6 years and have been taking Lyrica for 2 years and after taking the cream for only a couple months I'm off the Lyrica and feeling better then ever.

Thanks again, B. Perez - Nashville, TN


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"I can't believe it"

"This is the third time ordering NerveRestore and I cannot tell you how happy I am! I'm still in shock how well this product has been working for me. I cannot express how well this product is, I recommend it to anyone that has Peripheral Neuropathy.

I've had Peripheral Neuropathy for almost 4 years and after seeing doctors and neurologists for years I can tell you that there is hope. And that hope came from NerveRestore!

Thank you so much for a great product. I can't believe it. I found something that actually works."

 Patricia - Naples, FL

​"It's gone"

I suffered from generic pain in my neck and back area for years and it's gone!

Henry - Australia

"Noboby Should have to suffer"

I started using the product Tuesday. And I want everyone to know I haven't felt this good in a long time. I have had Diabetic Neuropathy in my legs and feet for years. No one can tell you how much pain you are in unless you have gone through this, it is awful. I can say my pain is gone, I just have a little bit of tingling left in my right foot. I want to thank you for the amazing product. I will be spreading the word and if there is anything I can do to promote the product, speak to someone in reference to what this product has done for me. Nobody should have to suffer with this product out there!

 Thank you NerveRestore,

 Ben - OH

"Send me another order"

Send me another order! my wife is now pain free and regaining her movement.

 -Victor Watts


I have tried various creams and natural remedies with no results to be found. I went ahead and gave NerveRestore's Cream a try and to my surprise IT ACTUALLY WORKED! I love this product and can't believe what its done, it actually gave me my life back. Thank you NerveRestore

 -Rachell M. - Columbus, OH


Hello new friends,

 I am so thankful for the help your cream has given me for   neuropathy.   At the first application there was improvement.  I can now feel the bottom of my feet when walking because the numbness is gone and the tingling.  I was going to buy a cane to help with balance and now I think that is not necessary. 


At my advanced age (soon 90) I spent many hours shopping two days ago, requiring lots of walking and I did just fine.  There is still some numbness but all other conditions have subsided. I expect continued restoration with the help this  cream gives  me. I have recommended it to two other people and will continue to spread the good news.

Blessings, R. Lynne - Owings Mills, MD

"Great Product"

"I cannot say enough about your product. Nothing compares.  Thank you NerveRestore this is a great product. I will definitely be ordering more!"

 Larry - Ontario, Canada


“I’ve experienced very positive results which, although slow to start with, have become very noticeable over the last few weeks.

Martinez -  San Diego, CA

These are just a few of the great Testimonials we have received from our customers. We would love to hear your feedback from you or be the next Testimonial!


“I am happy to report that I have only been using your product for 7 days but where I have had very mild neuropathy symptoms, I have already noticed great improvement. My legs and feet are beginning to feel a bit better also. The pain and tingling doesn’t seem so severe in the last couple of days. I have to say thank you for this great product. I am very grateful for the improvement I have already begun to see.

Tammy - Mesa, AZ

"Thank you NerveRestore"

NerveRestore Cream has been a God Send, I'm glad to have found something that has actually worked for me...Thank you NerveRestore.

 Rebecca - Houston, TX

"I'm glad I made the change"

"I have had Diabetic Neuropathy for as long as I can remember. After visiting several doctors I came to the conclusion that this was something that I was going to have to live with. (that only made my neuropathy worse) I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle and making a lot of changes. I take vitamins that seem to help and a generic cream that would take the pain away for an hour or two and have to apply it 9-10 times a day. After doing some research I cam across NerveRestore and I can tell you without a doubt I'm glad I made the change! I only have to use the cream twice a day and works ten times better then the generic cream I was using before." 

 Kenneth P.  - New Haven, CT

"I highly recommend NerveRestore Cream"

"Nerverestore has given me my daily life back. After trying everything from A-Z nothing could help alleviate the constant burning in my hands and feet. I was very skeptical to try anything else, but my wife insisted that I give it a try what could it hurt? After speaking with a specialist I started to feel more comfortable and confident in trying the product. The Cream took immediate affect after just one use! I highly recommend NerveRestore Cream!"

​  "Thank you NerveRestore"

​  Matt - Phoenix, A

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"I love this product"

You guys have an amazing product! My numbness and tingling sensations have almost diminished. I love this product and will continue to use this cream over anything else.

Tracy - Portland, OR

"I was very skeptical" 

I was very skeptical to try NerveRestore, but very glad I did. My feet were in constant burning pain. The closest I can come to explaining the pain is like walking on hot coals with nails jabbing into my feet. After trying lazer treatments, compression socks, and acupuncture therapy I was fed up. 

My son in law actually was the one to order this for me and I cannot believe it actually works. I have very minimal pain since taking the product.

I just wanted to thank you NerveRestore you have turned my life around.

Stanley - Las Vegas, NV


"Fast acting"

I purchased the product and I was very impressed. When the specialist told me fast acting results I was skeptical because that sounded just to good to be true. But, to my surprise it worked instantly! 

Seaton - Orange County, CA

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"I was worried that I would have to change jobs"

 I would be happy to give you feedback on NerveRestore Cream. 

Seriously, a cream that will help the daily tingling and numbness that I get in my hands from being on the computer 8 hours a day, with Diabetic Neuropathy?  Yeah, Right.....but I'm gullible, so I decided to give it a try.....

Yes!!! There is a Cream called NerveRestore that WILL alleviate the pain and tingling in your hands from Diabetic Neuropathy. It works fast and it works for a significant amount of time.  I am Grateful and Amazed. It works!!!

I was worried that I would have to change jobs, just so that I could continue working, but not with NerveRestore.  I just ordered my next 3 jars. I never want to run out!

Thank you NerveRestore!

R. Myers - Howe, TX

"My hands and feet are no longer numb"

Just being on the product for two days has been life changing! PRAISE THE LORD! Something out there actually works! My hands and feet are no longer numb and I can walk without limitations.

Tina - Memphis, TN 

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"My Mom can walk again"

My mom has Nerve Damage from some unknown cause. She's had it for almost two years and after countless visits to the Doctor and Chiropractor we were starting to lose hope. It got to the point where she could barely walk. Simple things like driving and going to the store were a hassle. It got to the point where she was in a wheel chair..My mother is only 42 years old and it broke me inside to see her this way. 

That's when I started doing my own research on this awful disease. I started to think that there was nothing out there. And I came across NerveRestore and didn't hesitate for a second, I immediately  placed an order and after just a couple of weeks my mom can walk again. She's to the point where she only needs to use the cream every other day. 

Thank you NerveRestore for everything you have done for us.

Michael - Monroe, WA